The external pressures, whether that be from your parents or the advertisements on a cereal box, will come in varying quantities and range in complexity throughout our lives. Merging critical and creative thinking with philosophical teachings can empower children to develop a sense of self-legislation that strengthens their ability to be practical and reasonable when confronted with those pressures.


The Thinking Playground

Elaina is a musician, artist, and student at Capilano University, where she studies psychology. She was introduced to Philosophy for Children and the THINK FUN camp by Susan Gardner, her wonderful critical thinking professor. Looking to transfer into the therapeutic recreation program at Douglas College, she envisions herself interacting with individuals of any age to help them thrive in both their personal lives and within their community. Reflecting on the power of external and internal variables one goes through in their own personal development has further motivated her to reach out to those who have difficulty discovering and expressing their potential selves. When she’s not spending time amongst family and friends, she enjoys creating art projects, food recipes, any kind of fitness endeavor, and playing gigs with her band. As Elaina continues her journey, she hopes to share her passion for helping others through genuine and collaborative conversations and to inspire others to explore their own creative aptitudes.