I think children are natural philosophers and we can encourage them to think about important questions. .


The Thinking Playground

Priyanka (Priya) is a student at the University of the Fraser Valley, studying Geography. She has taken courses in Philosophy and joined The Thinking Playground summer camps in 2019. She was hooked instantly and has been volunteering with the camps ever since. Priya has years of experience working with and teaching children through Dance, Tae Kwon Do, private tutoring, school, and volunteering in the non-profit sector as youth mentor, team leader and project manager for community service projects. Priya is passionate about empowering young people by giving them a platform/foundation to succeed and thrive in life. She fell in love with the warm, nurturing, and inclusive environment of P4C and the Thinking Playground and is honoured to be a member of such an amazing team.