MINDQUESTERS (ages 9-11/week 2)

The future comes with a lot of questions and, at Mindquesters, we aim to help youth tackle a few of them. Imagine not knowing if your friend was a person or a cleverly disguised robot, imagine recreating this world from scratch and all of a sudden being in control of how it came together. During this week-long journey, we help campers explore their creative capacity in a fictional world purely of their making while simultaneously enhancing their reason skills and engaging their curiosities, ideas, and designs for the coming future of this planet. This camp appeals to a wide range of interests including gamers, Lego enthusiasts, craft fanatics, and sporty youth. Don’t let this summer slip into the history books without attending this action-packed journey into the world of Mindquesters!

Mindquesters is for children in grades 4-6 (ages 9, 10, 11 as of Dec. 31).

This camp takes place on the week of July 20-24.


Daniel Anderson – Curriculum designer  |   danieljohnanderson@hotmail.com