GLOBE THOUGHTERS (ages 9-11/week 1)

Our world is filled with differences: different people, different food, different sports and games, different clothes, different animals, different abilities, and different ideas. Globe Thoughters is for those who love differences and want to explore, have fun with, and understand these differences! By using games and sports from around the world, dressing up and acting in skits, having special guest visits from people and animals, listening to music from around the world, walking in other people’s shoes, and having different fun, making different friends, and sharing different ideas, campers will come away from Globe Thoughters with a fresh and inspired outlook on what it means to be “different,” and that, maybe, we have more in common than we thought.

Globe Thoughters is for children in grades 4-6 (ages 9, 10, 11 as of Dec. 31).

This camp will take place the week of July 13th – 17th.


Arthur Wolf – Associate Director |   Contact us for more info.