Liam Loxton

Strong community and a sense of belonging are very important to Liam Loxton and he strives to foster them where-ever he lives, works, or studies. Liam has been involved with childcare from a young age working as a summer camp volunteer for vulnerable children in East Vancouver. He is currently studying at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in the Cognitive Systems program that utilizes Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics, and Computer Science to understand the mind in hopes of developing new robotics and therapeutic techniques to improve people’s lives. In addition to school, Liam is very active on campus and has been involved in Residence Council, which organizes events to help new students adjust to campus life and make new friends, while allowing older students to develop a sense of pride for their home’s strong culture. More recently, Liam has been involved with UBC Residence Life as a Residence Advisor which allows him to organize fun and active events for his community, while being a friend in need for the tough times, whether school or personal. Given all of his involvement with campus life and summer camps, having fun with a positive attitude (while developing important life skills and personal characteristics) comes naturally, and he is very excited to be a part of Think Fun Camps to help children develop useful tools to become responsible leaders of the future.