2019 First Week



Run rabbit run and don’t forget to tag the monkey! Join us upside down and sideways if you are you ready to swing into our world of Curious Critters. Watch dragonflies pass by, butterflies and talking trees while flocks of starlings dance in the sky. A predator hides in the shadow while a prey eats grass in the meadow. As Curious Critters we share our world with animals, flowers, trees, oceans and clouds, but are we really sharing? Are you the boss of your pet? Should we even have pets? What if we could communicate with animals? What would you want to say and what do you think they would tell you to do different? Let’s do the barnyard search, boardgames, a chicken dance competition, monkey tag and much more! Let’s explore our inner critter!

Android agents (ages 10-13)


Welcome aspiring members of the national robot corporation! Whether its artificial intelligence or artificial friends, we are here to help! Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a robot friend? If your robot is called Jamie, what would you do with him? What if you could program your Jamie? Perhaps Jamie could do your homework and talk to your parents for you? Maybe, Jamie could do ALL your thinking and feeling for you! How far would you push your robot? You could even develop your own Central Processing Unit to upgrade your thinking. To investigate these questions you will have to join us as an Android Agent to explore the robotic rough-lands of designing friendship, truth and your own hardwired avatar through scavenger hunts, trans-robotic sketches, immersive board games, artificial intelligence painting, intergalactic thought bots and more.


2019 Second Week

THOUGHT BOTS (ages 6-9)


Bleep bleep, BOINK, CLANK, CLUNK: its a robot rumpus! From tiny robots to raucous humanoids the Thought Bots are thinking out of their heads! Do you want to live for a week with robots, getting to know them and maybe even try to become one? Can you design a best friend robot, a dream robot or a play robot. Do you want to have a fun-tastic adven- ture exploring questions like why we need robots or if we can be friends with robots. Or maybe if robots have feelings? Do you think they can understand what you think and feel? Then come on and join us as a Thought Bot for fantabulous metallic scavenger hunts, silly-bot sketch- es, exciting robot games, machinic painting, the Fun O’ Bottic Thinking Playground and more!



It is almost blowing a gale! Rubbing wings with swarms of bees and stretching paws with packs of wolves, the Animal Whisperers fly through faraway forests and jolly jungles. Discover- ing talking trees and sneaky plants, as an Animal Whisperer you will spread your wings and participate in bug hunts, rock art, animal jumble, monkey tag, and finding the reptile person. To- gether we will navigate through questions like Why do we keep pets? Can you be friends with an animal? What kind of animals are humans? What is the strength of a predator? What about the prey? Can you sniff out a predator in your life? And much more with all the indoor and outdoor activities like dragons & flies, the furious funny farm, ghoulish games, and handicraft projects!