Pods & Squads (Age 7-9)

Welcome to Pods and Squads. During this amazing camp co-operation is key in an exciting world of secret messages and exploration! Voyaging to new lands, deciphering codes, and encountering other civilisations, our Pods and Squads will be playing and thinking together in a brand new world! We’ll explore and tackle issues of leadership, tolerance, sharing and much more. Use your reasoning abilities to decide what is fair, who is the leader and who owns what! Create your own cardboard city with the members of your squad and look to defend or conquer other cities, build trade routes and make your very own pod flag. Will you use your super-powers to find the answer to a mystery? Join Pods and Squads and get ready for the best week of your life!

Trail Blazers (Navigators Aged 10-12)

As Trail Blazers we will be forging our way through murky territory. It is a complex world out there with so much to navigate. Using our critical thinking skills we can begin to blaze our own trails. Join us for exciting activities, fun puzzles, and outdoor games! We will plunge into Ancient Athens, explore the world around us, and inquire into the big questions of what the good life is! All of this will be accomplished through arts and crafts, imaginative play, filming commercials, constructing with lego, and so much more! Join the Trail Blazers for another fantastic year of thinking and fun!

Treasure Hunters (Navigators Aged 7-9)

Land Ahoy! Join the Treasure Hunters traversing their way through rough seas in search of the ultimate destination! What is that destination you ask?? We will have to reason our way to it’s discovery!  But, how do we want to navigate our lives through trials of friendship, emotions, the media, and peer pressure? Join us in this journey by seeking answers to many deep and impactful questions stimulated by mind-bending games, exciting activities, acting and role-playing, and skill testing challenges. Throughout this very exciting week we will inquire into important issues while having so much fun that we won’t even know we are thinking hard!

Border Busters (Age 10-12)

Join our Border Busters team to play a LIVE board game and learn leadership and teamwork skills! Create your own city, design your flag, write your own anthem and make your own laws. What would the world be like if you were in charge? But can you defend your city? How do we find spies and allies? Who leads? Who do you follow? Together we’ll decipher Imperial messages, explore mythic maps, try to find the Forgotten lands and go on maze-like voyages with the help of Ariadne’s thread. We’ll be playing and thinking critically together during live-action adventures inside and outside, doing art projects, music, games and a lot more fun! So join us for the Border Busting Think Fun time of your life!

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