Gaby Baasch

Gaby Baasch is a student at the University of British Columbia, and over the course of her Undergraduate Degree has earned a strong passion for learning and community development. At UBC she completed the Computational Intelligence and Design Stream of the Cognitive Systems program; and interdisciplinary degree that incorporates Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics and Computer Science. In this program she was involved both academically (through research and teaching assistance), and in the program’s student society. In her pursuits (both academic and otherwise), she discovered the unquestionable value of strong critical thinking skills.

Currently, Gaby works as a Software Developer and as a Research Assistant in Learning Analytics at SFU. She plans to purse a continued education in Computer Science, Psychology and Philosophy. She also believes that we gain the most value in life from contributing to the community. It is for this reason she was drawn to ThinkFunCamps.

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