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Enhancing Agency Across Borders

Think Fun in Old Fadama

We are practicing our pedagogical approach beyond North America!

Under the supervision of our educational director, we have started a Think Fun project in Ghana. At present, Arthur is working with a group of children aged nine to sixteen and their teacher, with the goal being to nurture a sensitivity to critical, creative and cooperative thinking and, thereby, to enhance agency. While cultivating their philosophical sensibilities relevant to their cultural context, Arthur is keeping a diary seen below here to share this project including its celebratory and challenging times.

It is our hope that we may be able to send a team of THINK FUN counsellors to Ghana in the spring of 2018.

Chapter One: The Force Of The Question

“I might be Ghanaian?”

“No, you are white.”

“So there are no white Ghanaian people?”

“Yes there are some.”

confusion sets in…

Hooked Question Marks at Early Stage



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Chapter Two: Emerging Challenges