2023 First Week

MUTANT MINDERS Camp 1: Ages 6- 9

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Cowabunga! What fun we are going to have! So come out of your shells, Ninjas! See what the world looks like from a future far, far away only to bolt back to your own unique now. Zoom in, zoom out, zoom here, zoom there. Put on different goggles and teleport anywhere. Explore different galaxies of understanding using real time board games, stories, skits, and other fun activities. The Mutant Minders will develop skills to mutate reality just by looking at it. Inspection and investigation will lead to the transformation! But hold on. Isn’t a Ninja someone who wears black, drops down from the ceiling and slices things up? Well, of course, but there are all kinds of ways that things can be sliced up. So slither hither, and join us for this exciting adventure.

IMAGINATORS (ages 10-13)

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Join us to let your imagination run wild while we create and express ourselves in different ways. Explore what the art world might be telling us and what you can tell when you’re in it. Can we express our emotions through art? How did artists throughout history teach us unique lesson through their art? Learn about art’s persuasive power. Do movies motivate you? Do they make you feel emotions you didn’t know you had? As an Imaginator, you will get to create your very own movie! Join us in exploring these questions through art projects, filmmaking, sculpting, fun and active games and so much more. No artistic experience or skill is needed. Just come with your imagination and we will have an exciting
camp experience like no other!

2023 Second Week


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Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if no one could speak: if you could only speak your mind or express your feelings through drawing, painting or dancing? What message do you think we send by how we decorate our rooms? What would anger look like if you painted it? Why is your favourite music your favourite? Can we tell stories through art? Can you, as a “Spark,” take the best photograph ever? Can you create a work of art using lego? Join us in exploring these sparkling mysteries through art projects, nature walks, telling stories, and more exciting games and adventures. Come and let your creative sparks fly as we dive into a world of creativity and expression!

SWITCHEROOS (ages 10-13)

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Have you ever felt that you expanded your mind by exploring novel and spellbinding ways of looking at things? Could a glimpse into your future give you a reason to change your decisions today? Have you ever felt like you didn’t have the whole story or full picture of something? Maybe having a bigger perspective can give you the ability to navigate your swarming and transforming daily life. We think so! That’s why it is time to learn how to SWITCH IT UP. In this year’s camp, our SWITCHEROOS will travel to new lands and hunt for unfound treasures. They will expand their minds until they need an extra backpack to carry them in! Through board games, stories, and fun inside and outside activities, they will work on acquiring skills to recognize times to “switch it up.” Become a Switcheroo: you may find yourself switched up as well…or maybe up-switched!